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Eating Disorder Treatment

Problems with eating can occur for many different reasons, ranging from just bad habits, having unhealthy associations about food, to emotional or comfort eating (managing emotions such as anger, sadness or stress). Whatever the reasons might be for you, psychologist and clinical hypnotist Felix Economakis has combined psychological treatments along with NLP and clinical hypnosis to provide fast, effective and lasting results with bulimia, binge eating, weight loss and food phobias (see separate section on ARFID / SED).

 Do you experience:

  • Comfort or binge eating
  • Seem unable to have healthy eating or raise your activity levels
  • Do you use laxatives or purging to control your weight
  • Do you feel your eating patterns are completely out of control

Benefits of eating disorder treatment:

  • Healthy relationship to food
  • Feel in balance and at peace with yourself
  • Tap into that motivation to increase your activity levels
  • If losing weight you will have more energy, feel slimmer, stronger, fitter, more attractive and sleep better
  • If putting on necessary weight, you will feel more robust, sexier and more confident.

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Felix is a bit of a life- changer! I am an alcoholic, and having been sober for 8 years, still found myself struggling with addictive behaviour - over-eating and obsessively playing stupid games on the phone.

I had one 90 minute session - the first 60 to discuss the issues and really talk through them, and the last 30 under hypnosis (which actually just feels like very deep relaxation). That evening, and in the 3 weeks since, my behaviour has completely changed and I have felt so much calmer. I've lost half a stone in weight, use my phone only for social/business and have a lot less anxiety.

I would thoroughly recommend Felix to anyone.

Jane P.

I am a 51 year old woman who has struggled with Bulimia and compulsive eating since the age of 18. It is always my go to and a habit that is causing so much misery.

10 days after seeing Felix:
"Things are hugely different, I am now eating more 'sensibly', and not overeating at all. Last Sunday was Mothers Day, and with that chocolate....well the chocolates are still in the fridge, I am only having one or two in the evening, and that seems to be enough.
I have been for 5 runs since our appointment, and yesterday's run was the best to date, nice strong pace and no stopping to walk!
Although I still think 'yuk' do I really have to run or do this Yoga routine, even whilst I am saying that I KNOW that I WILL do it, before, I knew I wouldn't!
Above all, i am being kind to myself, if I don't manage a run without having to stop for a walk, I simple congratulate myself for giving it a go, If I do have a mouthful more than I needed, I don't hate myself for it, I just stop.
My food may not all be completely healthy, but that is the deal I have made with myself, that, that is ok let's see how this goes, and we can look at the next step down the line, just see where this takes us - but already I can feel the difference in terms of no more bloating, no reflux in the middle of the night, and therefore no more straining waistbands!
The only worry I do have moving forward is that I still think about food a lot, still thinking about my next meal, or even the meal after that, I would rather wait for my stomach to inform my head, and that be the first time I think of eating, but when my head thinks about food, I do then listen to my stomach, so it has not been a problem yet, but it is the one thing that may make me fall down perhaps.
But all in all, it has changed things significantly for me, I feel much more calmer and free, so thank you so much."

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