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The experience of pain can be subjective to a large degree. We’ve all heard stories of people so distracted or focused on some activity that they didn’t realise they had even been cut, stabbed or even shot. The brain has a way of producing natural pain killers in order to prioritise other emergencies.

Pain is felt more when people expect and anticipate pain. The act of focusing on pain makes our brain feel the sensations more intensely.

If someone tells you they are going to punch your shoulder and they then throw a punch at your shoulder – you will involuntarily flinch and contract your shoulder muscles even if the person suddenly stops before contact and informs you that they were only joking. Expecting a person to punch your shoulder results in a tensing up of that area. Now imagine that experience continuing for days, weeks, months or years.

By helping the mind to re-frame and understand pain differently, a client will become more confident, accepting, trusting and therefore more relaxed about their symptoms or anticipated symptoms. The result is that they body is less tense more amenable to blood flow and healing and typically any future surgery tends to have: reduced bruising, lower inflammation and decreased bleeding.

Below is a ‘selfie video’ testimonial of one such client who had therapy before major surgery:

Sarah One Session Help with physical pain & symptoms

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