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Panic and Anxiety Attacks

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A panic attack is a sense of overwhelming fear and they can be very debilitating often including difficulty breathing, a sense of impending doom and dread, fear of having a heart attack or otherwise being overwhelmed by the bodily and psychological experience.

With most phobias, a person can feel more in control of they remove themselves from the source of the threat. A person can feel better about moving into another room that does not have a dog, or cat or spider. But with this a person is afraid of their own bodily responses. The location does not matter because they carry this fear of themselves wherever they go.

A person learns to not trust their body because they feel a panic attack could potentially occur anywhere. So they tend to stick to ‘safe zones’ and/or insist of having people nearby that they trust to help them in times of need. The result is a ‘fear of the fear’.

Panic disorder is the main fears leading to agoraphobias. To a lesser degree, other social phobias are developed from a less severe attack (performance anxiety)

Do you experience?:

  • Recurring, sometimes unpredictable intense feelings of panic
  • Intense apprehension, fear and discomfort of further sudden panic attacks (fear of the fear)
  • Flushes, chills
  • Trembling, shaking
  • Tingling feeling in arms or legs,
  • Rapid over-breathing (hyperventiliation)
  • Light-headedness
  • Heart-attack like symptoms (heart beating as if bursting)
  • Profuse sweating
  • Thoughts of losing control, going mad, having a stroke or dying

If so you are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks.


Despite the intense symptoms, panic and anxiety attacks are usually quite easy to treat, usually in a single 1.5hour session. Psychologist and clinical hypnotist Felix Economakis combines an approach from psychological therapy and clinical hypnosis to achieve fast and lasting results with panic attacks. His success rate in just one session is extremely high.

Benefits of Treatment

  • You can feel clear, calm and have peace of mind
  • Feel in control like your old self.
  • Sleep better, be more present and connect and enjoy life more again

Contact us to treat your panic and anxiety attacks Now.

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