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Performance Anxiety

Occasionally we all have a bad day and don’t function at our best. This is natural, because we can’t be on top form on every occasion. However,  occasionally the way our peformance at that time has been judged by ourselves or by others results in very critical feedback which we become loathe to experience ever again. A protective part of our subconscious mind comes into being to spare us from a repeat of the negative experience. Far from resolving matters however, the way this part goes about trying to protect us actually creates the performance anxiety that diminishes our confidence and trust in our abilities, which in turn undermines our actual performance.

Do you have:

  • Performance anxiety around public speaking
  • Meeting or socialising with new people
  • Performance anxiety around sex (getting or maintaining an erection, or orgasming prematurely)
  • Performance anxiety related to exams

Treatment For All Types of Performance Anxieties

Regardless of the type of performance anxiety present, psychologist and clinical hypnotist Felix Economakis has successfully treated hundreds of people using a combination of psychological coaching, NLP and clinical hypnosis. Results can usually occur after just a two-hour session.

Benefits of Treatment for Performance Anxiety

  • You will finally break the old loop of anxiety and feel back to your old normal self
  • You will finally stop avoiding situations and start enjoying them instead
  • Feel more freedom, self-control and more self-confidence.
  • Sleep better, have more energy and feel calmer and clearer

I had 3 or 4 sessions with Felix a number of years ago. The reason I first came to see Felix was due to a fear of public speaking. This was so extreme that it was making me very anxious in work situations, where perhaps I could have been in greater control. Almost ten years on and my mind still refers to the conversations that I had... with Felix, and, although I rarely speak to him now, he has taken the place of a wise older brother in my mind, his confidence and calm presence always there in times of need. An example of how his techniques helped me - I recently conquered my nerves to pitch a business idea on the BBC Dragon's Den - something I would not have believed possible in the past.
Sam Gaskill

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