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Self-Esteem and Self Confidence Problems

Everyone has an idea about the type of person they are and these thoughts are at the heart of self-esteem and they affect how you feel about and value yourself. Self-esteem isn't static and fixed; your self-belief can change throughout your life as a result of circumstance and experience.

If you have low esteem your beliefs will often be negative and you may focus on what you feel are your weaknesses, and mistakes that you have made.

You may have low self-esteem if you:

  • Have feelings of inferiority and inadequacy – feeling 'not good enough'
  • Feel like a fraud or phoney
  • Experience a basic sense of unworthiness
  • Feel unlikeable, unworthy and unwanted
  • Feel very sensitive to any kind of criticism
  • Constantly seek attention and fish for compliments

These are all symptoms of an underlying self-esteem problem.

Treatment for Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem and self-worth problems can arise for many different reasons. Whatever the origins might be, psychologist Felix Economakis has helped thousands of people over the years to develop healthy and balanced way of life. Felix will coach you through understanding how low esteem is maintained and how to have a new relationship with yourself where you will be more understanding, compassionate, tolerant and accepting ot yourself. As a result of cultivating healthy self-esteem you will feel:

  • More confident both in yourself and in your abilities to respond to challenges
  • Be happy in your own skin
  • Become more relaxed, calm and at peace with yourself and the world around you
  • Able to take on important feedback without taking it personally
  • Become more efficient and productive in your worklife
  • Improve your relationships with your family and partner

Felix has written a book called ‘Take Charge of Your Life With NLP’ which focuses specifically on the area of improving self-esteem and self confidence.

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