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Stress Management

Stress is simply your body’s feedback distress signal to inform you that things have gotten out of balance. As mentioned, demands placed on the mind and body have rapidly outsrtipped its ability to recharge and rebalance. It can be caused by anything:

  • Environmental (in the workplace, looking after children, having multiple demands on your finite attention and resources)
  • Emotional (fallout from relationship conflicts)
  • Psychological (such as by being perfectionistic or overly critical with oneself, or having unrealistic expectations about life)
  • Existential (such as by lacking a sense of meaning or purpose or feelings ‘what’s the point of it all’)

Background stresses may sometimes go unnoticed but surface in the form of bad moods, depression, irritability, mistakes and even physical problems.

Do you frequently experience:

First Level Stress responses:

  • Hesitation
  • Agitation
  • Body tense (fatigue, moving around in our chair a lot)
  • Feeling depressed and distracted (careless errors begin happening)

Second level stress responses:

  • More serious mistakes made at work
  • Ability to learn bexomes increasingly impaired
  • Any emotional problems become amplified
  • Feel unable to handle information
  • Irritable and short-tempered

Third level Stress responses (burnout)

  • Psychosomatic symptoms predominate – forcing person to rest (e.g. ulcers) and body to shut down and recuperate
  • Person feels overwhelmed and that they can't cope. They feel like they are failures
  • Illnesses develop as immunity system depleted
  • Nervous breakdown

If you experience any of the above symptoms, it is likely that your body and mind are over-stressed and the gap between demands and recharging has grown too wide.

Stress Treatment

Psychologist and clinical hypnotist Felix Economakis offers a comprehensive management approach to address your specific sources of stress. This programme will be tailored for you and can include:

  • Processing unresolved suppressed issues from the past which are stressing your body in the present.
  • Coaching you to explore better ways to manage it at work or with relationships.
  • Help guide you to find a healthy work-life balance
  • Coaching and guiding you through de-stressing techniques you can apply for yourself.

Benefits of Stress Management include:

  • Becoming more efficient and productive – so you get more done.
  • Becoming calmer and more at peace with yourself – so you are nicer to be around
  • Regaining your perspective and humour – even nice to be around
  • Feeling back in control and in balance with you life
  • Reduction or elimination of stress related physical pains.

Contact us today to start managing your stress levels.

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